Erasmus+ ENG
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Erasmus+ ENG


The main purpose of exchange programs between international and European countries is to achieve the human development in the field of education.

People need to acquire the ability to understand the changes; Learn how to operate and be creative to learn, understand and integrate cultural differences; develop moral values of its individuals.

Specifically ASZ Onlus:

  • Works  with disadvantaged people to respond to their needs and desires;
  • Provides services, solutions and innovations to develop their educational, linguistic skills, professional, cultural, emotional, social, through a life experience;
  • Supports and develops training projects on mobility referred to particular  socially, professionally and emotionally people within the community by managing;

ASZ Onlus considers the vocational and training program in Italy an opportunity for the beneficiary to develop professional skills, linguistic skills, social skills and cultural knowledge.

ASZ Onlus organizes training activities for target groups as follow:


  • students;
  • teachers;
  • University students;
  • unemployed persons seeking their first job;
  • people who for personal reasons/professional choice should increase their knowledge and develop their skills;
  •  people with disabilities.



  • Planning support: Guidance, balance of skills and identification of the training package for courses and laboratories;
  • 24 h Assistance;
  • Airport transfers;
  • Initial Meeting;
  • Accomodation;
  • Local transport;
  • Mentoring and tutoring of placements;
  • Follow up monitoring;
  • Planning, organization and management of cultural visits;
  • Final evaluation of the experience and certification: Ecvet, Europass.


Italian, English, German, Spanish

ASZ Onlus organizes language courses for in equipped laboratories and processes a teaching plan based on the training needs of candidates.

The courses are suitable for candidates of all levels, from elementary to advanced. Participants will take a placement test to determine the level and set the course. Language courses are designed to improve the fluency of persons to use in everyday situations both in society and in the workplace.

The teaching methodology is dynamic and various: class discussions, role playing, presentations, individual activities, couples and groups.

Candidates will attend the language course to play in ways to be determined based on the needs of the participants.


ASZ Onlus organizes training professional in equipped laboratories, and processes a teaching plan based on the training needs of candidates.

ASZ Onlus provides all the study materials and practice necessary.

Example of courses:

  • Graphic Operator: the candidate will be able to take the appropriate steps to develop graphic products, intervening in their various components, starting from indications and specifications defined in the project and in line with the intended use of the product.

  Teaching modules: notions of commercial art, advertising, graphic arts, media, new media arts

  • Information technology: The computer operator ensures optimum use of different means. Quickly locate the needs and desires of customers and is committed to a search for solutions.

Teaching modules: basics on computer networks, programming, repair, information technology, computer science.

  • Electric-electronic Systems: electric-electronic systems operator is able to assemble and install equipment, single devices or electrical and electronic systems, to achieve control panels for machinery automation industrial.

Teaching modules: basics on managing tools and electrical and electronic equipment, control equipment, automation, reporting and measuring, realization of control panels for automation of industrial machinery.

  • Thermo hydraulics: hydraulic operator is able to install, maintain and repair heating, plumbing, air conditioning.

Teaching modules: Thermo technology basics of plumbing.

  • Machine tools and welding: welding machine tool operator and performs machining, assembling and/or review of machine parts based on technical drawings using traditional tools or infomatic tools

Teaching modules: knowledge on the use of machines for the manufacture of iron and steel, on notions of iron and steel, welding techniques, practical exercises of welding

  • Mechatronics and vehicle repair: the operator of vehicle repair takes care of identifying the failure of mechanical and electrical/electronic equipment of a motor vehicle, to repair and replace damaged parts and overall maintenance Middle.

Teaching modules: knowledge of Assembly and Assembly of components, maintenance of plant and equipment, recognition of faults.

  • Operator of incoming tourism: The tourist promotion’s operator is able to promote the tourist offer an area, to provide information and recommendations to guide the choice of tourists and to manage the relationship with the guests of a accommodation.

Teaching modules: understanding the management of tourist information, product promotion, customer service, administrative practice permit.

  • Operator of catering: catering Operator is able to prepare and deploy – according to established procedures and guidelines-meals and drinks by intervening at all stages of the process of service delivery catering.

Teaching modules: understanding occupational safety and hygiene standards in relation to food, equipment and premises, food characteristics and the storage instructions, menu composition in a balanced manner, using tools and equipment in a professional kitchen (stoves, refrigerators, etc.)



1.     Course of Mediterranean/Italian cuisine

ASZ Onlus has an equipped industrial laboratory and provides all the necessary materials and candidates will be able to take home the recipe book created together.

2.     Bicycle maintenance courses

ASZ Onlus has at its disposal a workshop to learn the art of bicycle maintenance by a professional mechanic who takes care of workshops for young people and people with disabilities with the aim of providing the basis for a possible future work but also promoting the educating of sustainable mobility.

3.     Agricultural courses

ASZ Onlus is managing also thirteen hectares of farmland between Rimini and the Republic of San Marino. In that land there are vineyards, olive groves, greenhouses and vegetable gardens following natural methods and organic method.

ASZ Onlus usually manages courses and workshops for young people and people with disabilities in agriculture.

4.     Woodworking courses

ASZ Onlus has available a carpentry with a professional carpenter who is responsible for the construction of wheelchair footrests, furnishing and commissioned works.


ASZ Onlus hosts candidates in three possible formulas:

  • Hotel half board equipped with disabled access.
  • Apartments/Residence
  • Accomodation in host families.

ASZ Onlus and accommodation providers expect that the participant adheres scrupulously to certain rules and regulations (see annex) concerning the use of all accommodations in order to meet the needs of all their tenants.

ASZ Onlus reserves the right to arrange your stay according to the availability of the arrival time of the candidates, trying to satisfy the demands of the participants.


If required and provided by the sending Organization, ASZ Onlus organizes:


  • Transportation by own means daily outings;
  • A fortnightly/monthly ticket for public transport;
  • Transport from accommodation of the participant to the place of departure.


It also provides all the information needed to move autonomously within the city.



  1. Cultural tours

Cultural visits increase the interaction between different cultures, they meet the shared values, develop pictures and positive relationships within the company and among people.

ASZ Onlus organizes one or two visits for week (on request) in landmarks. For example historical treasures such as the Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge, Tre Martiri Square, the City Museum. It is possible to visit   Caves or to meet other association, to explore one of the Malatesta Castles or the Centre of San Marino and much more.


It is the responsibility of ASZ Onlus provide information about any shows, concerts and activities in which to participate independently.


  1. Cultural visits in cities nearby Rimini

ASZ Onlus organizes a day trip to cities such as Bologna, Florence or Venice. ASZ Onlus assumes responsibility for transportation and lunches while the entrance in museums or places a fee will be charged to the candidates.

The tour depending on the interests of the participants.

If the interest of the participants is to make more than one trip, it will be prompted an economic contribution or partnership.


ASZ Onlus, thanks to the numerous dealings with the territory can organize other trips or activities such as:


  • Day trip in a theme park (Italy in Miniature, Aquafan; Oltremare)
  • Team building sailing;
  • Kayak or Kite surfing;
  • Visit to the Malatesta Castles;
  • Visit to the caves of Onferno and Frasassi;
  • Cycling trips for the disabled (HUGBIKE)

Rimini is located in Northern Italy, on the Adriatic coast, focal point of connecting with major cities such as Bologna 123 km, Florence 229 km, Venice 197 km.

The secret of his success are the friendliness, hospitality of the place and its inhabitants and a territory known for its 15 km of beach, colored 230 lidos, 1200 hotels and many amusement parks, some water. It is located in a strategic position, a few km from the gentle peaks of the Apennines, the Malatesta castles and the Republic of San Marino.

Rimini is famous for its 2000 years of history at first dominated by the Romans and later by the Malatesta bringing alive the signs: the Amphitheater Summer Music Festivals, place of the Arch of Augustus, Tiberius bridge. Finally is a small treasure chest of art: homeland of Federico Fellini.

Rimini also boasts business and Congress tourism through 2 Convention Center, an international exhibition and an international Autodrome, houses the races of the MOTOGP.

The Riviera not only in summer, but throughout the year it is an explosion of events: shows, theatrical and film festivals, art exhibitions, sports events, cultural events, festivals dedicated to local food and wine traditions.


  • Plane
    Rimini- Federico Fellini Airport(7 km); Bologna-Guglielmo Marconi International Airport (122 km); Ancona Raffaello Sanzio International Airport (92 km)
  • Train
    Rimini station, which is daily connected with Bologna, Ancona, Rome, Milan and all major cities of Central and Northern Italy
  • Car
    he A14 Bologna – Taranto motorway to the Rimini Sud exit.




ASZ Onlus guarantees 24 hour assistance.

ASZ Onlus is able to arrange an airport transfer from Bologna or Ancona to Rimini for every type of users  thanks to its minibuses for transporting of disabled people.

Throughout their training, participants has to prepare and submit several individual forms and reports. All the documentation must be completed professionally and in time to demonstrate candidate’s on-going competency. As a result successful participants will be awarded by validation and accreditation of their training/work period by:


  • Language Certificate
  • Work-experience Certificate
  • Europass Certificate